Excellent Data Quality the foundation for data migration



Data migration often involves long-term, costly and high-risk projects. Most of all it commonly requires a lot of complex customer-specific scripts. As a result, project teams frequently take only the extraction, data manipulation (transformation) and loading into consideration. Improving and cleansing data is often neglected or not taken seriously enough, leading to non-standardised data and preventing similar records from being merged.


Any migration process starts with knowledge-based interpretation. High precision matching and intelligent enrichment will cleanse and improve the data. Subsequently the data are merged based on specific business rules. Human Inference DataHub is an out-of-the-box solution, that combines these steps, to deliver quality data to the target system(s).


  • The data quality of your organization is secured of (meta) data structures by design
  • Improvement of the quality of the data by using knowledge based interpretation
  • Time to delivery is reduced by combining DataHub and experience within the data migration process
  • You will find a great improvement in both the data quality and the ability to interpret it properly, based on country-specific and culture-specific knowledge

How can we help you?

The precursor to effective customer communications and experience starts with truly understanding your customers. We break down the data silos and create a single view of the customer from a variety of formerly disparate data sources; in order to feed systems, processes and analytics. Human Inference solutions then standardize, transform and cleanse that data to create one trusted source of complete, accurate, compliant and enriched data. A source which enables you to make better business decisions and significantly improve your operational efficiency.

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