Omnichannel Communications


Customized communications through ever channel



Companies are spending time and money on building omnichannel applications that enable customers to interact with them via whatever channel is most convenient at any given time. But in the rush to accommodate consumers and outpace the competition, it’s possible to overlook a couple of important factors: high-quality customer data and clever use of technology. Data is complex and volatile: it’s quickly collected and can become outdated just as fast. That makes it more difficult to connect with customers effectively, which will affect the customer experience.


As a first step in smart omnichannel management, Human Inference Solutions sort out your data quality issues. Intelligent software is used, capable of natural language processing, that can ensure that all your data quality is top-notch. It simulates human reasoning so it knows if a name is typically male or female and will change the greeting accordingly. You also want to prevent data pollution at source. 

That’s where First Time Right comes in: smart data entry with enhanced data management capabilities. The software automatically corrects and generates data. Simultaneously, it checks the new contacts to make sure there are no duplicate entries. As a last step, Human Inference Solutions create a Single Customer View. This provides a comprehensive and reliable profile of each customer containing data from multiple sources - a golden record. With the creation of a golden record for each person, the data in the central repository is regularly synchronized with the data in the original source systems.


By intelligently connecting your systems you enable your employees to use customer data without affecting the operation of your systems and to identify your customers across all your channels. Recognize them. Know them. The result: great customer experience and customer intimacy. Your customers will be able to look, find, and buy anything, anywhere, at any time.

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The precursor to effective customer communications and experience starts with truly understanding your customers. We break down the data silos and create a single view of the customer from a variety of formerly disparate data sources; in order to feed systems, processes and analytics. Human Inference solutions then standardize, transform and cleanse that data to create one trusted source of complete, accurate, compliant and enriched data. A source which enables you to make better business decisions and significantly improve your operational efficiency.

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