Customer Due Diligence



Customer acquisition is core to any business. It is the starting point of the customer life cycle. Financial service organisations face a particular challenge in this process: For them, turning prospective clients into customers (the business opportunity, so to speak) comes with risk mitigation.

They need to be able to on-board the prospect in an acceptable time frame, but they are also required to adhere to stringent measures in how they on-board and manage new and existing customers. They not only have to protect themselves against money laundering activities, they also have to screen their customers to prevent the occurrence of fraudulent activity.

This calls for an automated solution that is able to:

  • provide quick and trustworthy matching across multiple sources
  • provide reporting throughout the entire customer life cycle
  • provide smooth customer experience


The Customer Due Diligence solution of Human Inference is based on the DataHub, combining matching, screening and reporting capabilities in one product. DataHub can be configured to match against all required watch lists and other sources (online and batch). In addition, the product creates golden records, allowing organisations to manage and monitor their on-going CDD requirements, as well as creating a single customer view of their customers.

The core of the DataHub lies in fault-tolerant, high precision interpretation & matching methods, providing timely and trustworthy matching results. All customer interactions are recorded through an audit trail, thus providing control and verification of transactions with new and existing customers.


The Customer Due Diligence solution of Human Inference brings together all relevant data to manage risk mitigation and increase business opportunity. It helps financial service organisations to automatically and quickly identify any customer they want to do business with. At the same time, it prevents them doing business with people or companies that pose a potential compliance risk. The solution is aimed at competitiveness and transparency. It allows financial service companies to provide excellent customer experience, to be compliant to a multitude of rules and regulations in an acceptable time frame and to be able to recognise relevant business opportunities. The Human Inference CDD solution is the starting point for being really competitive in a rather complex business environment.

How can we help you?

The precursor to effective customer communications and experience starts with truly understanding your customers. We break down the data silos and create a single view of the customer from a variety of formerly disparate data sources; in order to feed systems, processes and analytics. Human Inference solutions then standardize, transform and cleanse that data to create one trusted source of complete, accurate, compliant and enriched data. A source which enables you to make better business decisions and significantly improve your operational efficiency.

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