Serving your customer’s needs is all about data. We strive for the availability of
relevant information at all times to provide excellent, personalized service to
your customers.


Build a single customer view with Datahub

DataHub is a full-scale data quality and data management solution that helps organizations reduce compliance risk, enhance operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction, based on complete, unique and accurate data.



Immediate added value

DataHub is the Master Data Management solution that is operational very quickly. Due to our flexible implementation process, DataHub can be deployed in as little as 110 days, making it up to 4x faster than other single customer view solutions on the market. Your organization will experience its added value immediately. Its flexibility will have your data change and grow along with your business strategy. Adding data from other sources or connecting additional systems after a merger is all part of the process. Your business goals are now feasible with a single customer view. The result: higher profit and real customer satisfaction.

No impact on primary processes

There are dozens of small items of information on your customers scattered across multiple systems. These systems may range from cloud-based CRM systems to legacy systems on a mainframe. With a single customer view, you can provide users with the information they need, when they need it, without disturbing the day-to-day operation of these systems. As a result, replacing one of the underlying systems only gets easier.





Financial services and Insurance organisations are continually required to adhere to more stringent measures in how they on-board and manage new and existing customers. A good compliance solution does more for your organisation: it approaches risk and compliance as an opportunity to cut costs drastically by reducing manual controls, and it is set up in order to get to know the customer better and, as it were, be at his beck and call. With a unique customer profile for each contact, your organisation is sure of the best possible risk reduction, you save costs, and besides this, customer trust and satisfaction rapidly improves; revenue increase is a logical outcome.


Sanction list matching with DataHub

DataHub’s high precision matching engine sets it apart from other data management and sanction list matching solutions. DataHub uses powerful matching engines that recognize patterns and match like the human brain would. As a result, the number of false positives is reduced by as much as 90%, minimizing manual review, and increasing onboarding speed for a better customer experience.


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