Build a single customer view with DataHub

DataHub is a full-scale data quality and data management solution that helps organizations reduce compliance risk, enhance operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction, based on complete, unique and accurate data.


Reap the benefits of a single customer view (SCV)

Building a holistic view of your customers is a critical first step to ensuring the availability of high quality data for your business processes. This data is used to optimize the performance of information workers and business processes, to manage risk, and cut costs. DataHub creates a Golden Record for every customer, consolidating data from multiple, disparate sources into a SCV. Through standardization, cleansing and enrichment, it transforms your data into trusted information on which to build successful interactions and business decisions.


Fast implementation for 4x faster ROI

Due to our flexible implementation process, DataHub can be deployed in as little as 110 days, making it up to 4x faster than other single customer view solutions on the market.


GDPR: Get full control over your privacy sensitive data

DataHub will remove your data management concerns in an environment with constantly shifting regulatory burdens that impact your data entry, data auditing, and personal data management efforts. Having full control over sensitive data in a highly-automated environment will ensure that all personal data is of high quality, improving customer trust and satisfaction. Moreover, your quick and adequate response to a customer’s demand for data access will enhance your business’ reputation.


Improve operational efficiency

Combining a single customer view with integrated enrichment services, DataHub gives you real-time access to relevant and actual customer information, enabling you to provide excellent, personalized service to your customers. Being able to send better targeted messages to a more engaged and receptive audience will not only have a positive effect on customer satisfaction, but also significantly improve your operational efficiency.

A holistic approach to data management

DataHub offers effective and easy to deploy solutions that integrate with existing IT infrastructure, including orchestration with business processes such as data governance, customer due diligence and privacy compliance. DataHub admin features include:

  • Management of data roles and security
  • Golden record definition
  • Relationship management
  • Data on and off boarding
  • Data synchronisation
  • Scheduling

Data quality, governance and stewardship

  • Data profiling and analysis
  • Data validation, standardisation and cleansing
  • Name, address, email and phone cleansing
  • Identity resolution
  • Enrichment service
  • Definition of data standards and data quality rules
  • Golden record editing, auditing and review
  • Data quality monitoring and alerts
  • Privacy compliance
  • Onboarding
  • Risk mitigation
  • Workflow management
  • Relationship management

Support for your data governance initiatives

DataHub includes a user experience tailored for the data steward to manage data quality and deal with anomalies. DataHub offers configurable and extendable dashboards for monitoring along with data quality KPI tracking and out-of-the-box functionality to extract data (in a configurable format) to be used for further analysis.

Sanction list matching with DataHub

DataHub’s high precision matching engine sets it apart from other data management and sanction list matching solutions. DataHub uses powerful matching engines that recognize patterns and match like the human brain would. As a result, the number of false positives is reduced by as much as 90%, minimizing manual review, and increasing onboarding speed for a better customer experience.

Customer References

“DataHub has resulted in higher customer satisfaction rates because of improved data quality.” Source: IT Architect, Medium Enterprise Aerospace & Defense Company

“It is important to automate business processes involving relationship data wherever possible. That way we can streamline the efficiency of our organization and its processes to maximize the net funding we so badly need to continue our support for nature conservation projects. In that respect Human Inference’s software is vital to our operational management.” Source: Henk Middelbrink, Wereld Natuur Fonds (WNF), Netherlands (a division of the international World Wide Fund for Nature)

“Human Inference has made it possible for us to deliver a consistently high performance throughout the years. We will work together on reducing the number of unclear contracts. We particularly value the reliability of the data and the efficient processing. Reliability is essential in the highly complex structure that is the criminal justice system.” Source: Rinus Pitstra, Judicial Information Service

“Thanks to DataHub, customers are linked to existing profiles and products providing a better and more convenient self-service environment.” Source: Coenraad Groenewald, IT Specialist, Independer