About us

Human Inference helps companies to benefit from their
customer data. We do this by making customer information
available; whenever and wherever they need it

Benefit from the value of your data

For over 30 years, Human Inference is the European market leader in data quality solutions, with a strong customer base in the Benelux, Germany and the UK. The software solutions are based on natural language processing and contain a core of knowledge to provide our customers with the best solution possible. Our data quality solutions and expertise allow enterprises and governments to manage the quality of their customer data assets and create a single customer view to help comply with rules and regulations, enable operational excellence, and improve customer interaction.



Human Inference holds a strong position in the data quality solutions market. Our strategy, based on the research of leading analysts, customer surveys and competitive studies, focuses on data quality, a single customer view and risk and compliance.


Human Inference delivers the best software for a Single Customer View to reduce compliance risk, enhance operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction based on complete, unique and accurate data.