Better ROI On Your Campaigns



Any company running campaigns wants to have efficient target group segmentation, smooth processes and high conversion rates. To achieve this, data quality and the management of customer data must be aligned across all data sources. If this is not the case, building the campaign will be tedious and the results of any campaign will not be what was expected. Not getting the right message across to the relevant customers, will cost the company money and will dissatisfy the customers and the prospects.



No marketing campaign will succeed without reliable data. So, the first step will be to make sure that the customer data are cleansed. Correct names. Valid addresses. Correct gender. No duplicates. This target audience must be identified across all sources, keeping in mind the specific campaign characteristics (e.g. customer history, relationships, enrichment through external data sources). Using high precision matching methods, a smart selection will be made, which will yield the highest conversion potential.


Human Inference data quality solutions will make your marketing campaigns effective, without giving way to inefficiency. Having cleansed the data with high quality data management products, organizations will be able to step up and avoid future pollution with DataEntry. In addition, all the results from the campaign segmentation, can easily be used in future campaigns. All customer interactions are recorded through an audit trail, thus providing control and verification of transactions with new and existing customers.

How can we help you?

The precursor to effective customer communications and experience starts with truly understanding your customers. We break down the data silos and create a single view of the customer from a variety of formerly disparate data sources; in order to feed systems, processes and analytics. Human Inference solutions then standardize, transform and cleanse that data to create one trusted source of complete, accurate, compliant and enriched data. A source which enables you to make better business decisions and significantly improve your operational efficiency.

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