13 Aug 2020

Stay ahead of the game: Data Privacy & Legislation - Recent developments in management of personal data and data quality 

Customer data is valuable to you and data privacy is important to your customers. GDPR has been taking steps to protect both. If you have an infrastructure that provides consistent, timely and professional processes, you will improve both the customer experience and your reputation. So why not look at privacy compliance as an opportunity to differentiate your organization?

In this webinar, we discuss the ever-changing world of data and legislation. To stay ahead of the game Johan Vandendriessche, Professor ICT Law and Data Privacy expert, will share an update on the impact of GDPR developments since 2018 and give interesting insights on the upcoming developments concerning direct marketing and data governance.
In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The importance of data quality for GDPR compliance
  • Recent developments concerning data privacy legislation related to the acquisition of personal data and data quality
  • Regulator as a watchdog: concrete cases of GDPR non-compliance 
  • How to solve the compliance challenge with data management


Meet this session's expert: Johan Vandendriessche


Johan Vandendriessche is partner at Affluo and combines a broad technology sector approach with an in-depth experience in ICT projects and procurement, outsourcing, data protection and compliance. Having advised on legal issues related to information security, data mining (‘big data’), cloud computing, BYOD and digital archiving, He follows the technological and legal developments closely. Johan combines his law practice with several academic activities. He is, amongst others, Visting Professor in ICT law at the University of Ghent and publishes articles on ICT law and data protection law related topics.


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