[BLOG] Customer Due Diligence as value driver for business success

17 Aug 2022

Customer Due Diligence (CDD) has become an indispensable part of standard business practice. Companies are constantly occupied with ensuring that potentially harmful customers are “intercepted” as early as possible in the process and kept out of the organisation. This continually requires to adhere to more stringent measures in how organizations on-board and manage new and existing customers.

How can you, as an expert in the area of risk and compliance, ensure that your organisation is guarded against financial risk without deterring desirable customers at the same time? How do you ensure a faster acceptance procedure, automate the screening process, and how do you avoid a large number of potential hits when screening against sanction lists? How do you manage compliance so that your existing customers who appear in several systems are not having to be screened more often than necessary? And how do I manage my compliance reporting in the best and most efficient way possible? The answer to these questions, amongst others, is an effective data solution that can be set up to manage risk and compliance efforts effectively while also contributing substantially to the company goals.

Single Customer View at the heart of your CDD solution

CDD often is an absolute necessity, something financial organizations just cannot escape. But since it has to be done, wouldn’t it be great if your compliance efforts would ultimately give your organisation a growth advantage? When CDD is approached with the idea that risk management is an integral part of a Consistent Customer Data strategy, it’s obvious that you’ll be looking for a comprehensive solution that covers your CDD requirements, but can solve far more problems for you and even create new opportunities. Customer Due Diligence, based on a Single Customer View, is just such a solution.

Customer Due Diligence by Human Inference

Human Inference CDD solution is an integrated component of the Single Customer View. We believe that any CDD solution that is not based on a Single Customer View will not provide effective screening against any sanction / PEP list, nor an accurate insight into aggregate risk. Human Inference helps financial organizations to bring down costs, speed up processes, minimize risk and improve customer experience. Up to 90% reduction in workload is a significant time and cost saving to the business. Let us help you too. For more information, download our CDD Brochure here or get in touch with us directly

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