The Dutch tax office Belastingdienst: 9.8 million optimized tax returns using Human Inference's DataPlatform solution

DataPlatform streamlined the complicated tax filing process, enabling Belastingdienst to process 9.8 million returns efficiently.

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The Dutch tax office, Belastingdienst, has contributed to The Netherlands' financial well-being for over two centuries. As a part of the Dutch Ministry of Finance, they collect and levy federal taxes and premiums daily. By doing this fairly and meticulously, they ensure that funds remain available for essential services such as healthcare, education, and public transportation.

From March to May, Belastingdienst faces the challenge of pre-filling and processing tax returns for millions of Dutch citizens. In 2023, they received a staggering 9.8 million tax returns. On the first day of filing, they received over 60,000 returns within a few hours.

Preparing all these tax returns is a complex task, as over 120 million data records from various sources must be linked to the Belastingdienst administration to ensure that each individual receives the correct (pre-filled) tax return. To tackle this challenge, Belastingdienst uses the Human Inference software solution, DataPlatform.

This case outlines how DataPlatform streamlines the complicated tax filing process from beginning to end, ensuring accurate data processing.

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Accurate and comprehensive data with DataPlatform

DataPlatform is an all-in-one data quality solution that uses natural language processing and fuzzy logic to improve contact information accuracy. It corrects contact data by identifying and correcting errors and matching similar records. This leaves only precise, unique, and correct relation data. As a result, organizations can operate more efficiently, and customers are more satisfied.

The Belastingdienst administration: continuously updated data

An accurate tax administration is crucial for the optimal processing of tax returns. To achieve this, it is essential to update the data continuously.

Belastingdienst manages a vast administration containing taxpayers' and businesses' information. This information changes regularly due to factors like relocations or divorces. Human Inference's advanced software ensures that these changes, also known as mutations, are accurately updated. This keeps the tax administration up-to-date, maintains data quality, and contributes to the smooth operation of Belastingdienst activities.

Efficient tax return processing: the role of DataPlatform at Belastingdienst

Belastingdienst strives to process tax returns promptly and efficiently. They acknowledge that accurate data processing is crucial to achieving this objective. To accomplish this, they rely on the advanced DataPlatform software. This software handles the intricate task of matching, verifying, and validating data from multiple sources. This works as follows:

Data integration challenge at Belastingdienst

Belastingdienst receives taxpayers' data through several organizations and agencies, such as payroll for salary information and banks for bank account details. This data is sourced from diverse channels and captured in different formats. Belastingdienst must match, verify, and validate all this information, but the process is highly complex.

Robust identification and verification
with DataPlatform

DataPlatform is responsible for managing the identification and verification process at Belastingdienst. For identification, it compares personal data from various sources, such as employers and banks, to determine if they belong to the same person. The matching engine in DataPlatform searches the Belastingdienst database and compares this information fault-tolerant to identify duplicate information. For verification, DataPlatform checks an individual's Social Security Number – Burgerservicenummer (BSN number) in Dutch – in the Belastingdienst database and compares it fault-tolerant with the provided personal information to ensure that it matches the given BSN number.

Synergy during the declaration campaign

Every year, before the declaration campaign begins, Belastingdienst receives personal data from different agencies. Belastingdienst must match, verify, and validate this data with what is already in their system. This process ensures that they have an accurate record of each taxpayer and allows them to pre-fill and prepare tax returns with precision.

Precise image, efficient tax filing, and processing with DataPlatform

DataPlatform simplifies the intricate procedure and provides the precise image that Belastingdienst heavily relies on. This enables the accurate and efficient handling of millions of tax returns in the Netherlands. As a result, Belastingdienst achieves its objective of offering every taxpayer a seamless and equitable tax experience.

A summary of the process:

Precise image, efficient tax filing, and processing with DataPlatform - A summary of the process at Belastingdienst

Benefits of the software solution for Belastingdienst

Efficient operation

Linking data records to the tax administration simplifies tax filing, enabling efficient processing and accurate pre-filled returns.

Reliable data

It provides a secure identification and verification process by comparing and validating data. Ensuring the security of reliable personal data leads to accurate tax return processing.

Continuous updates

Continuous updates to the tax administration ensure accurate data registration, making Belastingdienst operations smoother.

Benefits of the software solution for Belastingdienst

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