Contact Cleansing


Contact data errors

Contact data stored in automated systems (names, addresses, emails, etc.) have strategic value. They are the means for organisations to pursue relevant communication with their customers and prospects. However, contact data is quite error-prone. Here are some examples: Addressing a woman as a man, using the wrong capitalisation, mistakes in postal codes, invalid email addresses and incorrect phone numbers. These kinds of errors will lead to polluted databases, damaged brand reputation, and the loss of customers and sales orders. Contact data has to be cleansed in order to have real strategic value.



Cleansing, cleansing, cleansing...

The cleansing capabilities of the Human Inference product portfolio include name, address, phone number and email validation, standardisation and correction. For example, the software detects and corrects address errors during data entry and checks and standardises addresses already in the database. In name cleansing, virtually everything that is connected to name processing is included: determination of gender, detecting company names, validating surnames and first names, putting name components in the right order depending on the cultural context, converting capital and lower case letters, etc. For email, the syntax and the domain is being checked and correction suggestions are being provided. These rather extensive cleansing capabilities will provide the required quality for relevant customer contact.


Customer Data Management starts with clean data

In many ways, achieving business goals will depend on the reliability of your customer data. The Human Inference cleansing solutions enhance your strategic business processes, by increasing the quality of processing personal and company names, physical addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Be it in an environment where customer information is entered online in an application, or be it as pre-processing for batch cleansing.
Sound customer data management starts with clean data.