Retrospect: Human Inference Customer Day

07 Jul 2022

Thursday, June 30, our Customer Day took place at the Marriott Hotel in Rotterdam. We look back on a very successful day and want to thank everyone for attending! From all attendees we received positive feedback about the organization, the content of the programme and the great atmosphere. This day was all about gaining and sharing knowledge, networking with wonderful people and also meeting with our customers again. It is very pleasant that we are able to come together again after two years of inactivity. Let's hope this will continue.

“It's important to attend Human Inference events for networking, to hear what's new in the market, listen to how others are using the same products that we are using as well, and to learn new things."

We started the day with a delicious lunch and a word of welcome from our managing director Peter Berg, followed by a customer case from Felix Tenniglo, CEO of Independer. Rick van der Lans gave an inspiring session about data quality and data management in modern data architectures and came up with the following statement:

Whether data is put into a data warehouse or some other type of data management system. Implementations are often too quick to talk about the blocks and databases as they are frequently depicted on architecture slides. Those are the parts that are familiar and easy to realize. Those same pictures also often contain many arrows. Those arrows are the places where data processing takes place. Transformation, correction, enrichment, validation. Those are the processes that really matter. At the start of a project this should be the basis. This stimulating statement was discussed further over a few drinks during the break.

After the break - with a nice lemon meringue pie - Rudi Serron presented us a customer case from P&V Group. Dimitri de Wild, our head of product, shared his vision about the future of Identity Master Data Management and Data Quality for Human Inference. Alexander Klüber, product owner at CSS AG, concluded with the high-performance integration of the Human Inference data quality tools in eGECKO. After an educational and relaxing afternoon program we ended the day with drinks and snacks and a jaw dropping guest appearance by a magician.