Resulting from our free “HI periodic inspection”: often it can (and sometimes has to) be better!

26 May 2022

Relationship data is increasingly seen as an integral part of the company's assets. As a result, ensuring good data quality is also seen as an important part of the infrastructure of companies. The goal of Human Inference is to ensure data quality in the environments of its customers. All aspects of data quality are taken into account, such as completeness, correctness, uniqueness and topicality. These can be applied in any application, regardless of whether this is a custom application or a standard software package. In the entire process of improving data quality, Human Inference supports its customers with its DataPlatform solution. For data quality and data management, Human Inference also offers a total solution with DataHub for reducing compliance risks, improving operational efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction, building on complete, correct and unique data. So far probably a well-known story, but did you also know that you are entitled to an annual check?

Once our software is set up and integrated with your processes and data, this obviously requires maintenance. Processes and data are subject to change after all. It is therefore of great importance to continue to validate whether the set-up processes are still in order, that the data is not contaminated and that the software is still used in the right way. In that context, Human Inference strives to validate this process every time in order to continue to guarantee the proper functioning of its software. Precisely for this reason, every customer of Human Inference is entitled to the annual "HI periodic inspection" from a current contract, regardless of the type or volume of contract. During such an inspection, which lasts half a day, a consultant preferably talks to your experts (technically or substantively) on location to test whether everything is still working properly or whether it can (or should) be improved. There is an option between an investigation into 1. the technical installation/implementation (including a check whether all the possibilities offered by the software are being used) or 2. the right integration with processes/data (including a conversation with one or more process owners). It is most common to alternate this per year. The result is a report on outlines on possible improvements.

If you want to make use of this option, please send an email to or contact your fixed point of contact in our organization. Our experience often shows that it can be better and sometimes has to be better to get the most out of our software.