Human Inference incorporates new services as standard into its portfolio

07 Jun 2022

We provide services such as Managed Service, Expertise Center, Data Quality Workshops and High Quality Migrations for various customers. We used recent months to further streamline these new services and to include them as standard in our portfolio. We are happy to bring these services to your attention:

Managed Services
We often see that customers find it difficult to put together and continue a knowledgeable team when commissioning a software product. Think of updating the software, managing the components and managing functional requirements. Our consultants can take this work off your hands through our Managed Services.

Expertise Center
It happens that the standard agreed support agreement is not sufficient for all kinds of reasons. This occurs especially in situations where the Human Inference software is integrated into vital parts of the business processes. With 24/7 Support, a so-called Expertise Center is set up in which all knowledge about the implementation of the Human Inference software is shared with each other. For each issue, our helpdesk and at least two consultants from the Expertise Center are available for you on standby.

Data Quality Workshop
At each company you will see a wide variety of systems from different suppliers to carry out certain processes. Various data are recorded, which can be different per company, and are recorded in different procedures per system in several places. The result is a patchwork of data sources, processes, systems and procedures. Don't fix what isn’t broken, but with a software update or changing (legal) procedures, serious data bottlenecks can arise here. With our years of experience, we have had these challenges at hand before. For this we have developed a Data Quality Workshop. In this 2-day workshop, such topics are addressed and possible solutions discussed.

High Quality Migrations
Migrations are often complicated projects due to the sheer amount of data that needs to be transferred, let alone the complexity of the data itself in the supplying sources and the target system. Experience shows that migrations rarely take place in one go, but phased over a longer period of time try to manage the complexity. We have developed our own approach for this. With our High Quality Migrations approach, our consultants take the complexity of a migration off your hands.

If you are interested in learning more about these new services, we would like to hear from you. Then we can go deeper into your wishes and requirements.