Interview with Dimitri de Wild our Head of Product

03 May 2022

Since I joined Human Inference earlier this year the most frequently asked question is: “how do you view the Product Roadmap?” My preferred answer to that question is: a visualization of the product ambitions to be achieved over a certain period of time, providing a glimpse into the why and what is being build. To make a Roadmap practical there are several perspectives that need to come together. The main ones being: who is the Roadmap for, what matters to them, and is it timely enough. I prefer the term ambitions as there are all kinds of events that can shake up a roadmap, especially the events that have a significant impact on the need(s) of our customers, level(s) of urgency, team capacity, and ability of the team to execute. For now, our roadmap is solidly progressing on the three main lanes we like to use: Simplify, Modernize, and Innovate. A few examples of what is being addressed in those three main lanes are: simplifying the User Experience, Modernize Integrations, Connectivity, and Analytics, and Innovate Compliance Controls.

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