Human Inference and Invenna pass ISO audit and are now - as part of The Data Agency - ISO 27001 recertified

14 Jun 2023
Team Human Inference

We’ve been part of The Data Agency since 2019. Shortly after the addition to the group, we successfully passed our first in-house ISO audit. This made Human Inference the only The Data Agency brand with its own ISO certification.

The merger of Invenna and Human Inference at the start of this year created an ISO challenge: including Human Inference in the audit and group certification. A wish of both brands. This way clients are not only assured of the same strict policy and the same reliable approach to customer data, but also of a seamless partnership between the brands. Especially for (potential) clients who (want to) use the services of both organizations, it accelerates and improves the collaboration process.

Last month, in May 2023, the audit – including Human Inference – was achieved smoothly and successfully. ISO auditors noticed that the group meets all the requirements and confirmed the accuracy of the management system. This means that all the brands of The Data Agency are now part of the same ISO 27001 certificate.

Pieter Hallewas, director of Invenna and Human Inference: “The merger of the organizations is a process that encountered many tests: from people and systems to markets. That explains why the group certification is hugely important to us. The fact that we were able to pass it successfully makes me proud. It underlines the professionalism of both our people and our organizations!”

A copy of the certificate is available for Invenna and Human Inference clients. Do you want to know more about this development? Feel free to contact us.