6 reasons to keep your software up-to-date

06 Sep 2022

As your software provider, one of our goals is to keep your IT landscape secure, up-to-date and prepared for upcoming updates to related software, databases or operating systems. Therefore, we recommend always using our latest software versions.

Switching to a recent release in time prevents vulnerability issues on your system, makes the upgrades less complex and ultimately saves time and money. Moreover, you benefit from the improvements that are implemented in the software and you make the support on your system easier.

Below we will elaborate on the reasons for switching to the latest software version on time:

Eliminate vulnerabilities

Over the past year, we have informed you about several vulnerabilities in log4j and later in Spring4Shell. Our latest software releases contain the required updates for all these vulnerabilities. Although your system may not be affected yet, a vulnerability can still be introduced by upgrading certain components in your environment. With recent software, you will have included the latest updates and reduce your risk. So prevent your IT landscape from becoming incompliant.

Save time and money

Nowadays, in modern environments such as AWS, Oracle Cloud or Azure, applications are automatically scanned for "known security issues". For older software versions, security issues will certainly be reported, and you will have to spend time checking reports and alerts, or you might even be advised to implement error-prone modifications manually. Regular updates prevent you from spending unnecessary time and money on this.

Be prepared for system upgrades.

Your organization may want to migrate to a higher version of database, operating system, Java or ODBC driver. Older software implementations often do not support these higher versions, so you will need to migrate before the required upgrade can be performed. By regularly updating to the latest release, you avoid unforeseen surprises.

Regular updates are less complex

Periodic updates are not complicated to implement. Sometimes some simple configuration adjustments need to be made. If this is waited on too long, the total of required adjustments is higher, and that is exactly what makes an update more error-prone. With regular updates, you keep your IT landscape more manageable.

Experience software improvements

Human Inference works continuously to improve its software components. Did you know that our Name Worldwide component was previously standalone, but is now fully integrated into DataPlatfom? Have you heard about the refinement of status codes in our telephone component and the additional support for both ISO2 and ISO3 country codes? Want to know what bug fixes have been applied to the Identity product and did you know that Multitenant Identity configuration and grouper file storage have been moved from the file system to the database? View our release notes with your Human Inference File Transfer account, or request a pdf version from Human Inference Customer Support.

Make support easy

Finally, keep in mind that your current implementation is not supported forever. Software fixes and patches are only provided for our latest version, so being up-to-date helps us to assist you with problem cases. Support becomes more complex the longer updates are delayed. This increases costs and puts your IT landscape at risk for safety and security incidents that could have been prevented with timely updates.