DataCleaner: Better data for better business decisions.

DataCleaner is a complete, cost effective, plug-and-play data quality solution that provides everything you need to:

  • Analyse, transform and improve your data
  • Ensure on-time, on-budget system upgrade and implementation projects
  • Continuously leverage quality data as a strategic asset to your organisation

Have confidence in your data

Run comprehensive quality checks across your entire database and visualise your results via convenient reports and dashboards to better understand your data makeup and quality. Next, blend, parse, standardise, transform, improve, consolidate, merge and segment your data for successful data-driven projects every time.

Get started in 30 seconds

Installed in 30 seconds, DataCleaner offers ready-to-use workflows, reusable jobs and an intuitive user interface.


Accurately plan and execute data migration

Migrating data to a new system or combining multiple sources following a merger or acquisition is a major obstacle for businesses today. DataCleaner helps you gain quick confidence in knowing what you’re up against to accurately access a migration project. Take the necessary steps to transform your data to meet new system requirements quickly and easily for a smooth migration that is on-time and on-budget.


Manage data, big and small

DataCleaner is built to handle data both big and small. You often don’t have control over the types of data that you have to govern, so DataCleaner works with all data, including; CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, CRM system files, Relational Databases (RDBMs) and popular big data sources like NoSQL or Hadoop. Use reference data to verify that the values you have correspond to the real world.

DataCleaner features at a glance

Data Quality Analysis and profiling

Analyse the quality of your data. Find patterns, missing values and character sets

Data standardisation and cleansing

Correct names, addresses, emails and phone numbers. Standardise data to meet system and business expectations. Remove or replace incorrect, redundant and outdated data

Duplicate detection

Detect duplicates, even across multiple sources. Merge duplicate data into a single, “golden” record

Data health monitoring

Make point-in-time profiles of your data. Schedule periodic data quality checks. Set data health notifications and alerts

Additional on-demand enrichment services include:

  • Movers lists
  • Deceased check
  • Do-Not-Mail
  • Sanction lists

Customer References

“At Platon we use DataCleaner in our Information Management projects as a handy and powerful ‘swiss army knife’ for activities related to Data Quality Analysis, Data Profiling and exploring customer data in general. We have found that the tool provides us with a lot of important analysis features in this process.” Source: Asbjørn Leeth, Senior Consultant, Platon

“With a tool like DataCleaner, you avoid a lot of the common mistakes of doing data Integration and ETL.” Source: Emilio Arias, Stratebi Business Solutions, Stratebi

“DataCleaner provides me with an easy way to run most of the profiling tasks that I need. The project team is very responsive: they have implemented several of my suggestions in a very short time, thus making the product even more suitable to my needs. I currently use DataCleaner for every project I am involved in.” Source: Ben Bor, Information Architect

“Using DataCleaner and its Duplicate Detection feature, we identified around 10% redundant contact entries. Furthermore, addresses were validated and standardized, so the data quality was lifted making it possible for BestBrains to improve our communication and relations with our large network.” Source: Jesper Thaning, Partner, BestBrains

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