If you want to prepare and monitor data, you need to understand,
trust and access your data. DataCleaner is your comprehensive data
quality solution.

Better data for better business decisions

DataCleaner is a complete, cost effective, plug-and-play data quality solution that provides everything you need to:

  • Analyse, transform and improve your data
  • Ensure on-time, on-budget system upgrade and implementation projects
  • Continuously leverage quality data as a strategic asset to your organisation



Get started in 30 seconds

It’s extremely easy to get started with DataCleaner. Our solution is recommended in a business setting where professional support and enhanced features, such as ready-to-use workflows and quick-start wizards come into play. DataCleaner takes less than a minute to install. Find out how easy it is. DataCleaner provides ample services for data management:

  • Validation of name, address, e-mail and phone
  • Detect and merge duplicates
  • Measure and monitor your data through pre-defined Data Quality KPI’s Suppression services match your data against various suppression files

To help you fix your data, DataCleaner provides standard data sources (including cloud) and intuitive mapping.

Who is who in your database

Understand your data

DataCleaner provides a strong profiling and reporting engine to discover and analyse the quality characteristics of your data. Find the patterns and the missing values, determine the distribution of your data values, check your data for synonyms, validate data values within their rage and assess the quality of your data. If you don’t know what you’re up against, you have poor chances of fixing it. But with DataCleaner you can build an analysis job that consists of data checks on a huge amount of data entities, that is extremely quick and for which the results are presented in a clear and convenient report. 


Exploring the datastore

In most organisations, data is stored in databases, spreadsheets, XML files and numerous other “datastores”. In order to investigate the characteristics of the data in a particular datastore, you need an explorative approach to create a “profile” of your data. Once you have established this profile, you will be able to clearly pinpoint particular data quality management activities. This applies to all business processes that are data-driven. DataCleaner offers an elaborate range of profiling capabilities: You can explore just about all the data issues in your organisation. 

Clever                          analysis

To gain insight in the data characteristics, a very large number of investigative methods are being offered. They range from rather straightforward methods such as an assertion of completeness to see whether the required fields are indeed filled, up to much more sophisticated methods such as a value matcher. In this analysis, actual values are compared against expected values to narrow down spelling mistakes, errors and missing or unexpected values.

Always the first step

Before starting any data management processes in your organisation, you should cleverly profile your data and clearly visualise the results of these profiling activities. Be it data cleansing, duplicate detection, merging or the creation of a golden record across several datastores: Profiling and visualisation is always your first step in any successful process.

Complete                  overview

To manage any data quality project, master data management project or data governance project, you will need monitoring and reporting. Determine your starting point and define KPI’s and other objectives, which will then be summarised in clear and transparent reporting. This way, you will have a complete overview of all data management issues and the follow up steps that need to be taken.




The Human Inference solutions DataCleaner and DataHub offer monitoring and reporting capabilities. For monitoring, you can choose between continuous analyses or scheduling periodic checks to determine the quality of your data. In reporting, the graphic representation of processing results, an audit trail and a timeline representation are the main features to give you confidence on the progress ad outcome of your process.








Whether you are a data steward or a data process owner: You need to create and have insight in process progress, privacy aspects, performance, reject handling, business rules, KPI’s, and so on. Monitoring and reporting will give you these insights, giving you the opportunity to create data management transparency.


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During your 30-day free trial, you may access DataCleaner Professional software risk-free. It’s extremely easy to get started with DataCleaner. DataCleaner is easy to install and get started with ready-to-use workflows and quick-start wizards. Check out DataCleaner’s extensive and powerful, yet intuitive capabilities for various data management and data quality projects.



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