Short question, complex answer: Who is who and what is what in your database?

By: Holger Wandt

Any organisation that deals with customer, prospect, supplier, distributor, product and service information, uses all kinds of data in their day-to-day business processes. Identification of a customer or a product within an automated system, using a specific id-number, the name or any other identifying feature, is a key issue in these processes. Furthermore, it is a task that needs considerable attention, since the collection and management of data is essentially error-prone. People make mistakes, names are understood incorrectly, numbers are typed in the wrong order; there are just too many reasons for defective data and poor information quality.

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Doctor, my data needs first aid!

By: Esther Labrie

We’ve all been there: a sore throat has been bothering you for days, you feel a fever coming up, you keep saying “it will blow over, it’s just a cold” and yet you “swart to soumd like bis” because by now your nose is running faster than your dog when it chases the neighbour’s cat … At some point you just have to admit it: you are ill and you need to surrender yourself to bedrest and painkillers. And, because you pretended to be immune to a trifling cold, you now have a serious pneumonia that will keep you out of business for a good month at least…

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