Single Customer View



Your customer information is stored across mul1ple systems and files. The data in these systems may range from cloud-based CRM systems to legacy systems on a main- frame. The data in these files and systems change continuously. Without being able to aggregate the data and thus crea1ng a unified, single customer view, you will not be able to tell whether you have got duplicate information in your customer data, what your customers are actually spending, what the relationship between customers is, etc. In short, you will not be able to personally and relevantly interact with your customers. Eventually, this will lead to less customer satisfaction, a lot of manual rework, unreliable analyses and consequent decisions and a decrease in turnover.


Single Customer View is a solution consisting of technology, processes and services to deliver an accurate, timely and complete view of the customer across multiple channels, lines of business, departments and divisions drawing customer data from multiple sources and systems. Single Customer View provides a customer data hub as a central repository for customer data which is connected to the existing infrastructure of mul1ple systems. In addition, future systems can be connected to that hub. Through the creation of a golden record, the data in the central repository is synchronised with the data in the original source systems; in batch or in real 1me.

The creation of the golden record (the single version of the truth) is based on the high precision matching and merging components of Human Inference. Together with data stewardship and audit trail capabilities, Single Customer View provides a complete solution for the management of customer information in multiple systems.


The intelligent implementation of a Single Customer View across your entire organisation yields many advantages. The most important are:

  • Reliable data for decisions and processes
  • Enhanced operational efficiency& flexibility
  • Better segmentation
  • Better understanding of cross- and upsell potential

  • Data Governance and information protection through data stewardship and audit trail
  • Reduced risk

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Increase in turnover

The power of Human Inference’s Single Customer View lies in the power of its components. In the heart of the solution lies the high precision matching engine, using country specific interpretation of customer data. That is the only way forward towards an accurate, timely and complete view of the customer across multiple sources.

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